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Related article: of disaster with which the name of Pougher could be found not wholly unconnected. This sea- son, however, we must regard the ground at Leicester as one of the most run-getting in this country. Certainly the recent match played there between Leicestershire and Sussex was one of the strongest evidences of what good wickets can do for batsmen. Leicester- shire began the match with a score of 609 for eight wickets, and then declared their innings closed. To this Sussex responded with a score of 686 for eight wickets, so that in three full days' cricket only sixteen wickets fell, whilst nearly 1300 runs were made. There were six individual innings ii6 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [August over 90 runs apiece, whilst Ranji- tsinhji made top score with a mammoth contribution of 275. A batsman with an average of 76 runs per innings might well be content to retain bis place, but the Indian Prince actually by this score succeeded in increasing his average from 76 to 86. Mr. Fry was to the fore with 135 runs as his contribution, whilst Knight, of Leicestershire, who has lately been in a run-getting mood, made 182. Such cricket as this is very amusing for the batsman, but beyond that and the fact that the match lasts the whole Purchase Probenecid Online of three days, there is little else to attract attention. Essex were unable to hold their own against Surrey in their return match, and the trans- pontine county avenged their defeat by 7 runs early in the year at the Oval by defeating the home team at Ley ton by 261 runs. Abel made the top score of the match, scoring 137, and this must be extremely gratifying to the little Surrey batsman, considering how often he has had to hear the story that he cannot stand up against fast bowling and is likely always to fail before the attack of Mr. Kortright. Tom Hayward, in the first innings of Surrey, was 99 not out, a very unusual score, as now-a-days there is generally some kind-hearted bowler who gives the batsman an opportunity of scoring three figures when he wants but one run more. Lees is a useful man for Surrey, and in this match made scores of 38 and not out 75, whilst Tom Richard- son, in the second innings of Essex, showed much of his old skill, taking eight wickets for 90 runs, after having secured six wickets at about the same price in the first innings. Surrey would appear to have but little chance of securing the County Championship again this year, as up to the middle of July they have lost three matches, whilst Lan- cashire and Yorkshire have neither of them lost a Buy Probenecid Online match at all, and each had scored eleven victories up to mid- July. Notts are somewhere near their old position, and stood third in the middle of July ; whilst unhappy Hampshire, with most of its good men unavailable, fill the bottom of the bill with eight reverses out of eleven matches played. Notts have this year been showing better sport than for some years past, and in their home match the other day against Kent, Mr. Jones, by declaring the innings closed, when Kent had to score 359 runs at the rate of about 60 runs per hour in order to win, succeeded in gaining a victory for Notts by the narrow margin of 12 runs. For a long time Mr. Jones must have thought that his te- merity would turn out disas- trously ; for Kent at 5.30 had five wickets Buy Cheap Probenecid in hand, and only wanted 35 runs to win. Then it was that Wass, who had been indisposed during the afternoon and not fielding, came out to bowl and speedily secured three wickets, Notts winning after six o'clock by 12 runs. Mr. Jones is to be complimented upon his valour, which made victory possible for his side, and we wish that cricket were more often played in such a sporting spirit. The West Indian team have been having some weather more after their own hearts. They have also been having some more fielding prac- tice, and at Trent Bridge, against a team of Notts, which only in- cluded some two or three of the regular county eleven, our visitors had to field for over 500 runs, William Gunn helping himself to 161 runs. Gunn has been batting very well lately, and against Kent in the middle of July scored a fine i9oa] CRICKET. 117 innings of 137. However, neither he nor Shrewsbury were selected" to represent the Players at Lord's, although the most prominent ab- sentees from the side originally selected were probably Hirst and John Gunn. On the Friday of the Eton and Harrow match, Mr. A. J. Webbe who for many years was captain of the Middlesex County eleven, received yet another proof of his great Order Probenecid and well - deserved popu- larity. Those who had served under him for Middlesex had subscribed to present him with a silver tea-tray, on the surface of which the autographs of the players were engraved, and a collection of very distinguished names had been formed. The presentation was made with a few appropriate words by Mr. Stoddart on behalf of the donors. Mr. Stoddart continues to make centuries with unfailing regularity, and against the minor counties the other day scored 136, whilst for Hampstead he would appear more frequently than not to take his score over 100. The management of the Mary- lebone Cricket Club has lately been the subject of much and severe criticism in the Press. Moreover, a series of letters from various people have ap- peared in The Times complain- ing bitterly of the state of affairs at Lord's. The Purchase Probenecid cricket reporters, who for the big matches this year at Lord's have been relegated to the top of a distant building in the vicinity of the practice ground, are burning with indignation at this treatment, and at the time of the Inter- University match, when they had their first experience of their new quarters, there was a general outburst of complaint in all the papers. The management at Lord's is very conservative, and would appear totally dis- inclined, for some reason or an- other, to show consideration to the Press, although Buy Probenecid on most of the big grounds of England the Order Probenecid Online Fourth Estate are treated kindly